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Welcome to GoDMV.com

Welcome to GoDMV.com - your U.S. Online DMV Resource for Traffic Safety and Training.  Here, you will find everything you could possibly need relating to traffic safety and training for the State you live in, from the most up-to-date information on court-approved online Traffic Schools and Defensive Driving courses, methods to obtain discounts on your auto insurance, and general information about traffic safety, as well information about obtaining your driving record, and information obtaining an attorney for all your traffic-related needs.  You will also find free information on obtaining auto insurance and automobile loans.  

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U.S. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Guide

Welcome to GoDMV.com.  Our mission is simple: we strive to be the most comprehensive guide to driver services online.

We are a private company, not affiliated with any government entity, but we’ve done our best to bring the DMV to your doorstep (or at least your computer screen).  You’ll find within our site information gleaned from department of motor vehicles and similar offices in all fifty states.

At GoDMV.com you will find information important to drivers of all ages from throughout United States.  For example, we provide reviews and links to online traffic school, defensive driver classes, first time driver, and mature driver. You can also find information about point and insurance reduction programs, which vary from state to state.  If you received a traffic ticket or citation, want to reduce points or eliminate points from your driver license, or if you are simply looking for ways to improve as a driver, you’ve come to the right place.  At GoDMV.com, we’ve looked for the cheapest traffic schools and defensive driver courses, and identified programs that provide you certificates quickly.  In short, we know your time and money is valuable, and we’ve worked hard to make your experience as a driver and vehicle owner easier.  

In addition to driver education, traffic schools and defensive driving courses, you’ll find information about how you can access driver records and reports online.  Whether you are simply looking to see what information is available regarding your driving record, or you are an employer looking for a driving record and report of a potential or existing employee, GoDMV can direct you.  We also provide information for accessing vehicle history reports, background checks and free credit reports.

GoDMV.com also includes an Auto Insurance information guide that helps you find the lowest car insurance rates.  By giving you quick links to online free auto insurance quotes, we empower you as a consumer to compare prices quickly, easily, and from your own home.  We recommend you try our Insurance Guide before leaving the site - why not see if you can save?

When it comes to automotive and driver news, GoDMV.com makes finding what’s new simple.  Our News & Articles section provides up-to-date information about driver and automotive issues from around the United States.

The GoDMV.com Auto Guide gives you access to information about car loans, car refinancing and car warranties.  Bottom line: we want to save you money.  Look there for information about lowest prices and interest rates on automotive transactions.  It also includes information on:

•    Auto Parts
•    Car Accessories
•    Car Alarms
•    Automotive Magazines
•    Car Audio Accessories
•    Car Rentals
•    Auto Clubs

Unlike other driver information sites, GoDMV.com also offers a free directory of auto clubs from throughout the United States.  Whether you are interested in antique cars, sports cars, luxury cars or exotic cars, you can find your match by searching our free directory of car clubs.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can register your own club with us�"free!

Our automotive legal section gives you a peak at the legal ins-and-outs associated with driving and the occasional driving mishap (accidents, speeding, etc.).  We provide information on attorneys who specialize in traffic tickets and DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases.  We also have information about attorneys who specialize in personal injuries matters (such as injuries arising from car accidents).  In addition to helping you with legal representation issues, we give you a head start in researching state driving laws and statutes such as: speeding statutes and laws related to drinking and driving, driving with no license or driving with suspended license, driving without or with insufficient insurance, expired registration or driving without registration, conducting an illegal u-turn, hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident, mechanical violations, reckless driving, running a stop sign or a red light, child restraint laws and unlawful vehicles changes (e.g., illegal window tinting).

Our state resource guides also include:

•    Access to state driver forms and driver manuals
•    DMV locations & hours
•    Information about paying traffic tickets
•    Forms and publications
•    Information on Car Registration and Titling
•    Information on Driver Licenses and Identification (ID)

By now, we hope you’ll agree GoDMV.com is a terrific resource for drivers.  We invite you to look around our site to see all we have to offer.  Bookmark the site for future visits and, if you like what you see, tell a friend!

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